Our mission

"We are a spiritual and intellectual community that embraces each child and adult in close fellowship, encourages the open exchange of ideas, provides religious education for all, and serves the larger community"


A congregation is an ever-evolving organism, so we periodically revisit the question of our mission in the world.  What is right for a particular group of people at a particular moment in time may no longer be helpful years later, as the world and the congregation itself change.


Our current mission statement was created through a series of small group sessions which led to an open session designed to pull our various hopes and goals into one cohesive statement. The final version was voted on and accepted by the congregation on November 20, 2005.


We use the statement to guide us as we make decisions about how to use our time and our resources as we plan activities within the Fellowship.


And we try to remember to "embrace...encourage...provide...and serve" as we live in relationship with one another.