Who we are

We are a lay-led congregation serving Warren, western Morris and northern Hunterdon counties.


Most of our members grew up in other faith traditions and discovered Unitarian Universalism later in life. We are humanists, theists, Buddhists, pagans, atheists, pantheists, and more. What ties us together is our commitment to the seven UU Principles and our respect for each person's individual spiritual journey.


Many of us came to Skylands searching for a religious home for our young children. Others came looking for a safe place in which to explore life's biggest questions. All of us value this small outpost of liberal religious thought in NW New Jersey and the warm and open community offered by this congregation.


Being lay-led means that we have no resident minister. We invite guest ministers to speak on one or two Sundays each month.  Other Sundays we might have an outside speaker or a discussion led by one of our members or a special program designed to engage our children as well as our adults.


We have no paid staff. As a result, we rely on each other for everything, from creating the services to choosing and teaching our religious education classes, to engaging with the world in social action or community service, to being there for each other in times of crisis.


If you are looking for a place to feel active and engaged, where your ideas will be heard and your talents celebrated, where it is fine to be shy but almost impossible to stay on the sidelines, we hope that you will come visit Skylands and see how our Sunday experience feels to you.


And if it's not quite what you were looking for, please visit again. Each kind of service--lay-led, guest minister, or outside speaker--has a different feel, and it's worth checking out several services to find out what you might be missing if you don't come back!