Past Year's Services

Past Year's Services

in reverse chronological order

All services are listed, even though some Sundays are missing from the list. Those Sundays were either moving days (to our “new” old church in Beattystown), snow days, or days on which we had a purely social activity such as a brunch or a picnic.

  • 01/07/2018 - Matter and Anti Matter -
    Rob O'Connell

    Matter and antimatter should exist in equal amount in the universe, leading to their mutual annihilation, leaving a universe full only of photons. Why is there anything else?

    This service relates to our 4th UU principle: A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.



    Children's story - an ABC of particle physics.



    See attachments for the talk notes and the accompanying slides.


  • 01/07/2018 - A Willingness to be Challenged by Martin Luther King Jr's Message in Today's World and Context -
    Marin Martin and Phil Garber

    A discussion of prejudice vs. racism, conflict vs. non-violence

  • 12/31/2017 - No Service
  • 12/24/2017 - UU Christmas Eve Service of Lessons and Carols -
    Marin Martin
  • 12/17/2017 - Hanukkah/Religious Freedom
  • 12/10/2017 - Solstice Celebration

    Intergenerational Solstic Celebration and decorating the sanctuary

  • 12/03/2017 - Growing Up with Deaf Parents -
    Sean Henriques
  • 11/26/2017 - No Service

    Enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend!

  • 11/12/2017 - Annual Fellowship Business Meeting / New Member Recognition / Potluck

    We will begin at 10am sharp  for our Annual Fellowship Business Meeting.  At this meeting we will hear a budget report for 2017 and vote on the 2018 plan.  We will hear committee reports and then vote for open positions on the board. We will discuss ways that all of us can be involved in the life of the congregation. While only members may actually vote, all friends are warmly  welcome and you may join at any time. We would like every member to attend or make a plan to vote by proxy .  There will be childcare arranged for the children starting at 10am

    We will also formally welcome new members who have signed the book in 2017 with a brief ceremony.


    And at 11:30,  after the work is done, we will put away our pens and paper and lay down the tablecloths for a

    GOODBYE POTLUCK LUNCH for Tony and Mary Van der Mude.  The Van der Mude’s were active members for many years until Tony took a new job in Massachusetts a year ago, and Mary got busy getting their home ready for market. Well, unfortunately for us, the time has finally come to say good bye as they have set a closing date for the end of the month. Please help us remember and celebrate everything these lovely people gave to the Fellowship and wish them Good Luck in their new home.


    We have set tables up in the sanctuary for the meeting and meal.  We will have electric warming trays and extension cords for crockpots on a back table.  If anyone is available to come early on Sunday to move up paper goods and coffee pots and supplies, that would be great. A clean-up crew will be needed as well.

  • 11/05/2017 - Service Sunday + Potluck

    For this Sunday, November 5th, SET YOUR CLOCK BACK and catch some extra relaxing at home (or use the time to organize a potluck dish J ) before gathering with us at 10am.


    We will have a short service to check in with each other and review our organizational structure and the board positions that are opening up for the coming year.


    Then we will have a Service Sunday and potluck lunch.  It may be rainy, but we have some inside tasks and organizing to do-and always outside fun for those in outside gear. There will be activities for the children to help with. Even if you choose not to work on a maintenance project on Sunday, please come to hear about the board positions.  We are also gathering ideas for future programs.

  • 10/22/2017 - Fellowship of the Wilderness -
    Jack Donohue

    Jack Donohue has been a segment hiker on the Appalachian Trail for over 20 years. Hiking is his love and passion. “Life is made up of small comings and goings, and for everything a man takes with him there is something he must leave behind”. (Jack’s Trail journal) Jack will share his motivation, stories and photos of his AT experiences.

  • 10/15/2017 - White Privilege/White Supremacy

    We will be exploring the issues surrounding race with an emphasis on what it means to be "white" in this country at this time and what the concept  of whiteness has meant to communities of color.

    We'll be using a UU prepared program as well as Tears We Cannot Stop; A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson
    We're hoping for a thought-provoking and meaningful discussion that broadens our perspective and also gives us a direction for meaningful acts of conscience.

  • 09/10/2017 - Annual homecoming service -
    Jennifer Palmer

    On Sunday we will gather together after a long summer for our annual Homecoming service. It will be good to see everyone and catch up and get organized for the coming year.


    We will meet at a NEW TIME:  10:00am! This has been requested by a number of families who regularly have children’s sports, work, or  family obligations on Sunday afternoons.  The board voted to try it for a year and see how it goes.


    One of our UU September traditions is a Water Communion Ceremony.  At this time people may pour together waters they have collected over the summer to help symbolize our returning together.  There will also be water at the fellowship to use.


    We will have our monthly potluck brunch, so if you can, please bring something to share.  We also want to re-stock our children’s snack box, so donations of juice boxes, goldfish or animal crackers are also helpful.


    The children will have their annual ice cream party (there MIGHT be leftovers for adults !)  and today is the day we register the children for their Religious Education classes for the coming year.


    The UUA has established a Hurricane Harvey relief fund ( Half of all funds raised will go to at-risk populations served by UUSC partners and the other half of the funds will support Unitarian Universalist congregations and members of those congregations most affected by the storm. Those funds will be administered by a group of leaders in the UUA’s Southern Region, which includes the states across the southeast from Texas to South Carolina, and from most of Virginia to Florida. )  You can see details here: .  After our regular collection for the work of the Fellowship, we plan to take up a separate collection to donate to this fund.


    Please join us!

  • 05/28/2017 - Service Sunday: Come help us beautify the building and the grounds

    We will be giving back to the Fellowship by dontaing our time and talents to working on the building and beautifying the grounds.  Come lend a hand!

  • 05/21/2017 - UU White Supremacy Teach-In -
    Jennifer Palmer

    Using materials from the UUA and as part of a national movement, we will be examining and resisting white supremacy in its many forms.  

  • 05/14/2017 - Flower Communion -
    Josh Galster

    This Sunday's service (5/14) we'll be celebrating the Flower Communion. Please bring a flower(s) to contribute to a communal vase that will be the a central part of the program. The flowers can come from anywhere: your yard, a garden (if not yours ask for permission first 

  • 05/07/2017 - A visit from Salaam Shalom

    Speakers from the group "Salaam Shalom" will visit Skylands and share their experiences with this group which is a way fro Muslim and Jewish women to come together, share a meal, and find commonalities. 

  • 04/30/2017 - Rockstar and the Mullahs -
    Anne Kager

    The 2003 documentary of the same title will be shown. This documentary explores the journey of a popular rock band and the role of music in Islam. There will be religious education classes for the children.

  • 04/23/2017 - River Clean up -
    Phil Garber

    We will have a short service this Sunday morning and then head out to the Musconetcong River across the street to help clean it up for Earth Day. Wear older clothes and shoes and bring gloves to help our little corner of the Earth!

  • 04/16/2017 - Intergenerational Easter Celebration -
    Anne Kager

    We will have a UU Easter celebration and an Easter egg hunt kid for the children.

  • 04/09/2017 - Local immigration issues -
    Jen Russ

    Jen Russ, a local resident active in promoting and standing up for the rights of immigrants, will lead the program this Sunday.

  • 04/02/2017 - No service Sunday

    We will be working on making the building and the grounds beautiful after a very brief service.  Wear work clothes and help us out!

  • 03/26/2017 - The New First Amendment Challenges Confronting America in 2017 -
    Gary D. Nissenbaum

    America has recently undergone major changes in its political, social and media cultures. How have those changes impacted our First Amendment rights? How can we use those First Amendment rights to respond to these challenges?  Gary D. Nissenbaum, a committed UU and trustee of the NJ ACLU, is speaking on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey.

  • 03/26/2017 - Service Sunday: Come help us beautify the building and the grounds

    This is one of our regular Sundays to dedicate time and energy to helping spruce up the building and grounds.  There will be no service this Sunday. Just come and help out at the fellowship!

  • 03/19/2017 - Rites of Spring

    We will celebrate the first day of spring by sharing short readings and poems.  

  • 03/12/2017 - Awareness, Advocacy and Activism -
    Maureen Bonner

    Join us as we reexamine the origins of Unitarian Universalism, our legacy of advocacy and activism and our continued commitment to translating our values into action. 

  • 03/05/2017 - Raising a transgender child -
    Jamie Bruesehoff

    Local resident Jamie Bruesehoff will share her and her family's experience of raising a transgender child.

  • 02/26/2017 - Luminescence (a UU-specific modern holiday) -
    Jennifer Palmer

    Luminescence is a UU-specific holiday created within the last 10 years.  While UU draws guidance and strength from other religions and sometimes celebrates those holidays, this holiday is centered on UU principles. From the site "Luminescence has been created as a distinctly Unitarian Universalist holiday, to honor the many paths our faith offers for attaining spiritual fulfillment and to celebrate the freedom our faith provides each individual in seeking their own personal truth. Come and celebrate our own religion’s wonderful, distinctive identity.

    "  There will be Religious Education classes for the children.

  • 02/19/2017 - "How to communicate across divides" -
    Marin Martin

    Marin Martin will lead the service, which will be centered aroudn the idea of communicating with people with different views.  Robb Wiler's TED talk titled "How to have better political conversations" will be shown with a discussion to follow.  The description of his talk from the TED website: "Robb Willer studies the forces that unite and divide us. As a social psychologist, he researches how moral values — typically a source of division — can also be used to bring people together."  There will be Religious Education classes for the children.

  • 02/12/2017 - Valentine's Day -
    Jennifer Palmer

    This service at SUUF we will have an intergenerational program celebrating "Standing on the side of Love" After a very brief service, we will make lots of Valentines and then disburse into groups to go distribute them. We have a planned visit to the House of Good Shepherd nursing unit cafeteria for a lunchtime distribution (we will need 30 cards) and other plans are underway.


    If you have any heart stickers or other decorations, please feel free to bring them to add to the creative process!!

  • 02/05/2017 - Celebrating our Poet Laureates -
    Josh Galster

    Our nation has had a poet laureate for the past 31 years. Their job has been to promote poetry, both theirs and the works of others. We'll examine some of our recent poet laureates and share their poetry. 

  • 01/29/2017 - Staying Active and Having your Voice Heard -
    Marin Martin

    Sunday we continue our discussion of what actions we can take individually and as a group to share our UU values during this troubling time in America.


     Marin Martin will share some concrete ideas and we will do some postcard writing.


  • 01/22/2017 - 30 Days of Love -
    Jennifer Palmer

    This Sunday the 22nd we will begin 30 Days of Love-sponsored by the UUA. At our 10:15 service we will discuss this program and how we as a congregation can participate as individuals and as a group.