Spiritual Cinema Circle Film - August 18 - 7 pm - Snow Walker

We will show two short films between 7 and 7:30, then share our feature film Snow Walker at 7:30.

It's 1953 and hotshot pilot Charlie Halliday stops on a remote island during a routine flight in the Canadian Arctic, only to get stuck with a sick Inuit girl whom he has agreed to drop off at a hospital on his flight home. When his plane crashes, the arrogant Halliday and ailing but self-sufficient Kanaalaq find themselves stranded in a dangerous and inhospitable land. The friendship that blossoms from this unlikely union is the spiritual glue that binds this beautiful film together, leaving us with an understanding of the deeper purpose of life and the true meaning of love.

Directed by Charles Martin Smith, based on the story Walk Well My Brother by Farley Mowat.