We participate within the larger community by providing some social activities and outreach.

Music and poetry nights are hosted monthly via our Riverside Rhythm and Rhyme program which highlights local singers and songwriters. Open mic, too!

Our Tuesday series offers programs for the mind, body and spirit, by free-will donation, providing our community with activities which might not otherwise be available or affordable.

In the summer of 2011, following three years of thought, discussion, workshops, services and film screenings, Skylands Fellowship officially earned our Welcoming Congregation status, confirming our commitment to providing a welcoming home for all individuals, regardless of their sexual and affectional orientation or their gender identity and expression.



Grocery Card Fundraiser

The Fellowship is able to purchase bulk grocery gift cards as a non-profit for a small discount (5% off $1000), and which can then be resold to our members.

We participate with Weis, A & P, and Shop Rite. Each week a member should be available with various denominations of gift cards, so you can buy an amount suitable for your regular grocery shopping, and help raise money for the Fellowship!



Terracycle is a company that makes usable products out of things we normally throw away. They collect their raw materials from organizations like us, schools, businesses and individuals who ship their “garbage” to them. Terracycle pays for the shipping, and pays our congregation a small fee for each item collected.

Terracycle is also committed to education and has a curriculum available on their website. “In Nature
garbage doesn’t exist, but it does in the human system. The Terracycle
curriculum series focuses on how we can solve this problem.”

Terracycle was also featured on a National Geographic Channel Series
called Garbage Moguls.

For more information on Terracycle and to find where you can buy the
products that teracycle makes using our garbage, go to: or find them on Facebook.

We will no longer be accepting the following items: Cheese wrappers & products, milk products, coffee containers, yogurt containers, hummus containers, chip bags, candy wrappers, and any other misc. plastic/foil bags.

We WILL be accepting:


* Plastic Tape dispensers and cores
* #6 Rigid Plastic Cups such as Solo
* Entenmann's Little Bite Pouches ( only Little Bites ones)
* Energy Bar Wrappers which includes foil lined packaging from energy bars, granola bars, meal replacement, protein bars, diet bars, and any Cliff style bars.
* Drink pouches ( any aluminum, plastic or general drink pouches with spouts )
* Brita ( any Brita products )
* Personal care product waste ( hair care, skin care ( no cans ), cosmetics )
* Oral care waste ( toothpaste and floss containers )

***New to collecting is E-Waste. We can make quite bit of money on this one and we are all signed up and ready to go. I know Rob has been collecting cartridges and phones so we will have to compare what is more beneficial but Terracycle will now be accepting:

Cell phones, cameras, camcorders, graphing calculators, select toner cartridges ( newer models) , iPod devices, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, e-readers, tablets and iPads.

Tuesday Series

Our Tuesday Evening Series provides several opportunities for exploring ways to focus on your body, mind, and spirit.

See the Calendar for dates, times, and contacts.